Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Boards and ASU game

Ryan and his dad had season tickets for ASU for the past couple of years but this year they decided not to renew so we have been having his family over to watch the games at our house. I saw these sundevil tattoos at the store and had to get them for the party. Aiden's face is really red because we get sunburned from their soccer games earlier in the day.

They thought they were so cool with them on!

This time for the game we ordered a 4 foot long sub from Ned's Krazy Sub and the boys wanted me to get a picture of them by it. They couldn't believe how big it was! I love how Aiden is posing like a football player in this picture. He just did it all by himself!

A little while ago I got together with some friends and made these cute boards. My friend Heather has them on her wall and I had to copy them because they were so darn cute! I finally finished them and had to show them off. I still am waiting for Ryan and I to get our picture done for our board.

I am not the craftiest person ever but I think they turned out pretty good.


  1. I love them! You are the craftiest person! You are never afraid to try stuff! I need your help!

  2. I LOVE those boards! Are they hard to make?

  3. Oh I love them Tiffany! I want to learn how to make them. So cute!