Friday, September 21, 2012

Fun times!

Brinley has been pretty funny lately. Every time I get the camera out she gives this face and says cheese!

She is definitely a little ham! She is my little sidekick during the day when the boys are at school and can't wait for the bus to come so we can pick them up.

Can you believe that my little baby boy is 10 years old! Heaven help me for the upcoming teenage years! Here he is having his traditional birthday donut.

He was lucky and got to have his birthday party at Amazing Jake's with his cousin Nolan, friend Graham, and his whole soccer team. They all had a blast! They are all covering their ears because the sound of them singing happy birthday was deafening!

They got to rock climb for the first time. They didn't quite make it to the top. They chickened out!

Aiden started flag football a few weeks ago and is loving it. His team is the Green Bay Packers. He is really good!

Brinley and I went to the splash pad at the mall for some fun. She was not shy around the other kids. At one point we had to leave the toy area because she was being so bossy to the other kids! That's my fiery little red head!