Tuesday, September 1, 2009

WyAtT's BiRtHdAy

Today is Wyatt's 7th Birthday! He looked so handsome in his new shirt before school so I had to get a picture. I can't believe I have a child this old!

He opened up his presents from us before he went to school. I didn't realize this picture looks so funny because the light reflecting from the box. He was so happy to finally get a rechargable remote control car. He also got a bike ramp, a magnetic dart board and a skateboard that does tricks, it is kinda like the tech deck skateboards.

Reading the card!
Wyatt blowing out the candles on his cake over at his Grandma Tegeler's house.

He got an awesome build your own skateboard. It comes with 2 decks, 2 sets of wheels, stickers, and pads. I knew he would love it!

He also got some spongebob legos to add to his other collection of legos!

This year Wyatt had his birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza. He was so excited because the birthday boy got 500 tickets and 80 tokens. I accidently planned his party on the day of our ward campout so some of his friends weren't able to go but he still had a great time.

The kids being goofy!

Blowing out his candle on his cupcake.

Filling up on pizza.

Tonight he gets to pick where he wants to go eat his birthday dinner and of course we have to get our free Krispie Kreme doughnuts!


  1. Happy Birthday Wyatt!! Tiffany, your boys are so handsome.

  2. Wyatt is so cute! It looks like he had a great bday! he is such a good boy!