Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Soccer Season

Soccer season has finally begun! Aiden has been talking about it for months now that he is old enough to play. They are not on the same team but ended up with the same team colors and pretty much the same team names. Aiden's team is the bumble bees and Wyatt's team is the stingers.

I wasn't sure how Aiden would do at his first game but he was pretty aggressive and took charge! He made 2 goals! He was so excited!

Getting ready for the second half.

Waiting for the other team to throw the ball on the field.

Wyatt's team didn't win their first game but he had some pretty good kicks.

I just love this picture of these boys standing together! Wyatt always makes a ton of good friends the first day of practice. You would think they have known each other forever.

I love watching the boys play soccer especially when the weather is nice outside. Hopefully it will start cooling down soon.

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