Thursday, October 22, 2009

Grand Canyon and more...

This weekend for Fall Break we went to the Grand Canyon. The weather was perfect and it was so pretty seeing all the leaves falling off the trees and changing colors. There are alot of pictures and they are in random order! This picture is of Aiden at Montezuma's Well. We stopped at a few landmarks on the way home.

This is a picture of all of us at Bedrock City. We just happened to see it on the way to the Grand Canyon and stopped on the way back to Flagstaff. It wasn't too exciting but the kids had fun running around.

More pictures at Bedrock City.

This picture was pretty funny of Wyatt!

Me and my boys at the Grand Canyon. I think they were annoyed that I was so paranoid about them being by the edge of the Canyon. I made them hold hands with one of us everytime they got near the ledges.

We went to the Grand Canyon Deer Farm and fed the deer. Aiden really liked it but Wyatt didn't want to feed them or get near them. Wyatt did like the parrot that said hello and polly want a cracker!

The deer were right up by you especially when you had the cup of food.

Ryan being attacked by the deer! They kept trying to eat his shirt.

All the boys!

We had a really fun trip seeing the Grand Canyon. We can't wait to go back up North to go on the Polar Express!

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