Friday, June 19, 2009

Bear Canyon Lake

This last weekend we went camping up at Bear Canyon Lake for two nights. Ryan's sister Christine, our brother in law Jason, and their little boy Grant came camping with us for one night. We had a lot of fun and I must say the best tin foil dinners and cobbler ever! These pictures are kind of in random order. Here is Aiden with his goofy grin. Why is it that everytime I ask my kids to smile this is what I get?

Aiden, Wyatt, and Grant sitting by the campfire.

Ryan helping Aiden cook his hot dog for dinner.

Wyatt cooking his hot dog.

We saw this really cool looking butterfly down by the lake.

On one of our hikes we saw this horny toad and had to catch it in a cup. Wyatt thought we were really going to let him bring it home and keep it as a pet even though he was too scared to even hold it for 2 seconds! We took a picture and let the poor thing go.

Both the boys with the horny toad.

When we were at the lake the boys wanted to catch crawdads. Ryan wanted to cook them up and eat them!

We had to get a picture of us by the lake. It is so pretty up there!

The three boys!

Jason, Grant, Wyatt, Ryan, and Aiden hanging out.

Aiden would not put this shovel down. Every time I saw him he had it in his hand digging.

My sister let us borrow their BB gun. The boys thought that was so awesome! I have to say that I had the best shots out of everyone!

I was a little nervous about letting the boys shoot the BB gun but we were really careful and they never did it alone.

We had so much fun camping. Hopefully we'll get to do it again this summer.

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