Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Aiden's 4th Birthday

Aiden turned 4 on the 13th so we celebrated his birthday on Easter with family and then he wanted his friend Matthew to go to Amazing Jake's. My pictures are not in the order I wanted! I hate how blogger puts your pictures backwards! Anyways, here is Aiden opening his helicopter from Matthew.

Wyatt was so excited to try the rock climbing wall again. (He went a few days earlier for his friends birthday and only made it halfway). He got 3/4 of the way to the top this time!

Matthew, Wyatt, and Aiden on the frog hopper ride.

Aiden and Matthew on the tea cups! I thought Wyatt was going to throw up after he spun so fast the whole time!

This is the morning of Aiden's birthday. We got him everything Star Wars. He is really into Star Wars right now so he got the storm trooper helmet, build your own light sabers, star wars leapster game, and a storm trooper nerf gun. He absolutely loves them and will barely put them down!

His grandma and grandpa Tegeler got him the blue bike he's been dreaming of! He wanted a big boy bike like Wyatt. He also got those bike gloves from his Aunt Christine and Uncle Jason. Ryan got some for when he goes mountain biking and Aiden had to have some too.

Opening more presents from Uncle Coop.

More star wars stuff!

Blowing out the candles on his cupcakes.

I can't believe my youngest is 4 years old! Where did the time go?!

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  1. Hi Tiff, Make sure you tell Aiden that we said Happy Birthday! Did you get my message? The pictures are great! We hope he had a great day! Love you guys!