Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wyatt is 8!

Aiden lost his first tooth this week. It didn't come out on its own because it was ready, he bumped 3 of his bottom teeth on his bunk bed and it knocked them loose. Luckily only one came out. He was so excited for the tooth fairy to come.

Wyatt turned 8 on Sept. 1. Here he is opening presents after his birthday party. He got his very own MP3 player. I don't know why some of my pictures are sideways, I turned them before blogger uploaded them.

Eating his traditional birthday doughnut before school.

This year Wyatt wanted to have his party at Skateland so he invited a couple of friends over to our house for pizza and then we went to Skateland and had cake and opened presents. They all had a lot of fun trying to skate since most of them had never done it before.

Don't they look so happy! They were exhausted by the end!

Grandma and Papa came over and brought him his present and he was so excited to get The Diary of a Wimpy Kid Journal Book and of course the money.

Wyatt and Graham skating around with their glow sticks. I can't believe I have an 8 year old! He is looking forward to going to Scouts and being Baptized in October.

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