Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fossil Creek

This week we took a day trip up to Fossil Creek. It wasn't too much cooler up there but the water was cold and crystal clear. You could see lots of fish swimming all around and Ryan and Aiden even saw a turtle swimming.

Wyatt was worried the fish were going to nibble on him so he would not go in the water. We got him in to see the blackberry bushes on the other side of the creek but he had to ride on Ryan's back. He still cried about getting only his feet and legs wet! Notice in the picture how he has his hands and feet up in the air!

Wyatt spent a lot of time finding cool rocks and leaves. He was hoping to find some frogs but no such luck.

We spotted this rope swing as soon as we got there. It was so much fun! Aiden loved it!

The water was really cold so for the first swing Aid rode on Ryan's back across.

Swinging some more on the rope.

It was nice to get out for the day and for Ryan to be able to come with us. It seems like he is always at work!


  1. that looks like so much fun! Wyatt cracks me up! kiss them for me, I know they would love it! wink, wink!

  2. Where's Fossil Creek? It looks so beautiful! I'm glad you found my blog- where do you guys live?