Saturday, May 23, 2009

End of the Year

I can't believe it is already the end of the year and I'm going to have a 2nd grader! This is the boys at Wyatt's water day. I had to take this picture because if you look closely they are holding hands! That is rare around here!

This is Wyatt, Aiden, Justin, and Marcus waiting in line for the dunk tank.

I wasn't able to take very many pictures at water day because it was only about 25 minutes long. Each grade only plays for a half an hour and the kindergartener's got out there late and it cut into their time. At least they had an ice cream party later in the day.

All the 1st graders did a performance and they sang a bunch of songs. For the last song they sang My Wish by Rascal Flatts while there was a slide show. It was really cute!

After their performance we got to go back to their classroom for pictures and to carry their stuff home.

Ryan's mom came to see Wyatt perform and we took more pictures.

This is Wyatt and his teacher Ms. Monteleone (The kids called her Miss M). Wyatt is doing a goofy smile in this picture.

Wyatt with his friends Connor and Kellan. They were all in the same class this year.

Aiden had his preschool graduation the same night. Here he is in his cap and gown!

This is Aiden's best friend Matthew. They had alot of fun together. Aren't they so cute?

These are Aiden's teachers Mrs. Webb and Mrs. Brown and most of his class. They were really good teachers. He loved it so much he is going to go there next year too.

Here they are right before they sang some songs.

And some more pictures.

The boys and I went to Mother Nature's farm yesterday to pick some peaches. I would not recommend going there for peaches. They had only two rows of peach trees and they were tiny and alot of them were rotting and had bugs on them. But they loved the huge sunflowers so we took some pictures by them.

Wyatt and Aiden had fun at school this year but we are excited for swimming lessons to start, the summer reading programs, the Harkins summer movies, lots more swimming and being lazy!

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  1. love the pictures of the kids! They are so cute!